Shu Thayu (2018)

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Directed By: Krishnadev Yagnik

Writers: Krishnadev Yagnik

Actors: Prakash Barot, Jay Bhatt, Mayur Chauhan

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: 2018-08-24 (USA)

Runtime: 2h 15min

Category: Movie

Country: India

Year: 2018

Quality: HD

IMDb Rated: 7.3

Overview: Manan needs to marry Dipali and with nice issue he has convinced Dipali's oldsters. wedding has got to happen briskly however before marriage Manan meets with associate uncanny accident whereas wiggling with friends physicist, microorganism and Chirag. Manan starts to talk one sentence repeatedly and once his friends build him consult the doctor; they be told that Manan has lost his memory of past 2 years as he was hit within the head. currently Manan doesn't recognize Dipali, regarding his wedding and except his friends no one else is aware of about this incident.

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